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Cupertino Soap & Gift  Company

Soap Subscription

You can get automatic shipments of soap delivered to you. Just fill out the form below. In the comments section enter the choices of soap you would like to receive.,We recommend making several substitute choices in case your regular selections are out of stock.   Then make a payment through our secure Paypal button.

With a monthly subscription you get two bars of soap for $10.00 plus 3.00 shipping and tax = $13.88

With every two months subscription you get 4 bars of soap for $20.00 plus 6.45 shipping and tax = $28.20

With every three months subscription you get 6 bars of soap for 30.00 plus $6.45 sipping and tax = $39.04

        Shipment will the made the first week of the month.

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2 Month Subscription 4 bars $28.20

Monthly Subscription 2 bars $13.88

3 Month Subscription 6 bars $39.04