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Cupertino Soap & Gift  Company

Hand painted glass looks so nice, dress up your house with a piece from our collection. There are bowls, fish, lamps and more check back regularly to see new pieces.

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“Stained Glass Bowl” this bowl has beautiful rich colors in a stained glass look. The bowl is 12” wide by 4.5 inches high. $50.00

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Leopard Spot lamp this lamp has a nice soft curve to it and is colored in a gold, with brown and black accents with brown stripes on the side.   It uses a small night light bulb and crates a soft glow to your room. It measures 16” high by 23” around


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Goldfish. - The fish is painted in hues of orange and yellow with gold leaf  it has a large cavity in the mouth that you can put thing in.  It measures 12” long by 6” high $30.00

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