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Customer Testimonials

Cupertino Soap Company soap should come with a warning: "May increase water consumption” Once you use the soap the "lather rinse repeat" really isn't a suggestion any longer - it is a must! Your showers last much longer than anticipated because you lose track of time...the soap really is that good!
   It's hard to pick a favorite soap because once you think you have your favorite, you open a new box and that one becomes your favorite. There isn't a "bad" soap Cupertino Soap Company makes, just an order of "most favorite to least favorite" - they are ALL amazing and you don't have to take my word for it, start trying them out, you won't be disappointed!
 Heather L. San Jose, Ca.

5 Stars!!I just want to tell you how much I enjoy “Cupertino Soap company” soaps. My favorites are Plumeria, Lavender and Mango. They smell fabulous in the bathroom and make me stay there longer every night. It has been a great therapy for me. I absolutely love them. Not only do I use it, but I have given it as a gift to my friends. Thank you so much !! and I can not wait to get a new one soon.

Mika S. Cupertino, Ca.

Cupertino Soap Co. rocks. Love every soap I have tried. The lather is so luxurious and the scents are so nice.

Annie G.

El Dorado Hills, Ca.

I ordered soaps as an addition to my Mother's Day specials. Before I could even get the soaps to my kitchen, I and my mailman (Bob) had to sit in the foyer and smell the box (it could not contain the wonderful aroma), which turned into us opening the box and smelling each beautifully packaged bar! The smell of Cupertino Soap Company's soaps filled my house for days and I ended saving a couple for myself :)

The variety I was sent was unbelievable! Scents like Ginger & Geranium, Chocolate, Mint and Plumeria were all individually wrapped the put into a wonderful little boxes with a brief description of the scent and the blend.

I would definitely recommend Cupertino Soap Company's products for anyone looking to spice up a gift basket, pamper a loved one or save for yourself!!

Thanks so much Veronica, your products are fantastic! ~ Michele :)

Michele G.  in North Andover, MA

Being somewhat of a 'soap snob', I no longer have to search for a great soap. Now my biggest problem is deciding which one to use first... In fact I usually have several bars in the shower at the same time because I can't decide- thanks for making so many great blends and scents to choose from!

LeeAnn T. Cupertino , Ca.

Since I received my first bars as a gift about a year ago, these are the only soaps I use. I've bought them for my sisters, my sister's-in-law, my daughters, my boss and my friends. They make great gifts. The hard part is choosing a scent from all of the choices! I try a new scent each time, and have yet to be disappointed

B. Heinerman

The only words that come to mind is, Cupertino soap is dope! I truly cannot use any of that store bought JUNK! This stuff not only cleans you, it smells so yummy you could eat me I've been tempted. This stuff is a treat for your skin!

J. Logan San Jose, Ca.

" Cupertino Soap Co. is the absolute best! I've used many of their soaps, and I absolutely love them all. Veronica is very knowledgeable about skin care and has provided me with much advice for different skin conditions. Their soaps also make wonderful gifts, both personal and corporate.

Carolyn K. MN

This soap is the best! I have told so many people about it and given it as gifts.

E. Hinerman

Are you kidding me! I absolutely LOOOOOOOVE this soap!! I love how it leaves my skin so soft! I swear I've been telling everyone about it

J. Marchese San Jose, Ca.